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First off, thank you very much for visiting our blog. Let’s talk why Indo-Pak Peace Media exists.

People of India and Pakistan shared thousands of years of history, traditions, culture and what not. But in past six decades we have not just gone physically far from one another but emotionally too. Acts of few have affected millions of people in both countries.

Fortunately or unfortunately negative people still remain in flash light of media and it encourages them to continue. Although peace makers had been active too, but they were not been as much highlighted as they should be.

So Indo-Pak Peace Media, an online forum was created, to support and connect non-violent and anti-militarist movemens.  It is a platform where citizens of India and Pakistan (you and me) are interacting for good. We and our fans(you) are sharing stories which are bringing us closer and motivating individual to have friend across the border. 😉 I have 11 great friends from India now.

Interestingly, three of my friends from Pakistan who used to hate India, but now they have changed their minds completely and are interacting on our Facebook Page. 😉

Some people believe that Peace between Pakistan and India is something impossible, well this is true for them not for people like you who are Peace Lover. We have accomplished many things in life which seemed impossible at first.

We 300 people encourage everyone to join us, interact and share what you have to say. Have a Great Day!

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