Have you ever visited any restaurant where you were treated as a VVIP, where they served you with best available food in the best pots? More are the chances you have not, because so far there is no place where we can actually BUY comfort of such level for ourselves.

But, now I have found such place for myself and for everyone, go and visit your friends and relatives, where you have not been for many months, because you belong to a higher class as compared to them now.

We are very social and good to our friends online, which is really awesome. But some times we are ignoring a person next to our street just because we think, we’ll feel uncomfortable in his / her tiny house and with their low status. He / She can be your brother, sister, cousin or friend you haven’t met for months or years.

Friends, this is really alarming and we must give some thoughts and take possible actions for people around us. When you’ll do so, you’ll get know that THEY do not need our money but emotional support to get better in life.

” We all know how much we love SOMEONE who’s with us in the dark time. But why don’t we become that SOMEONE & help others in the time of need? “

Let me share my personal experience with you all, this time I visited my hometown on Eid and stayed for 12 days. Great things happened. ūüėČ

I went to one of my widow Aunt’s (Phopo) home and they served me like the above mentioned VVIP¬†protocol. After spending few hours with the family I realized that one of my cousin just passed her intermmediate exams and she is at home now. On asking, she told me that she has not made any plan for further studies.

I talked to my Aunt and asked her to get her daughter for further studies. She admitted my points and allowed her daughter for further studies. But they simply did not know much about the procedure, as no one in her home has gone to university.

So I took things in my hands, went to the nearby big city and got her admitted in the College there for her BA, she will stay in hostel and do further studies. I advised her to work hard and get things better for her and family. She will be going to college from this Monday. That was simply WOW!

Secondly, I have a 53 years old friend in my hometown, on asking he told me that he is running a small business of handmade shoes. You know, he (with his team) is the only producer creating 100% handmade (leather) shoes in the world. But since, he has no resources to sell such rare shoes directly, so few big names in Pakistan are buying from him and making money and he is unable to get the proper reward of his work.

I told him about the power of Internet and how he can utilize it. He liked my idea and now I’m helping him to launch his online shoes store. InshaAllah, we’ll get success and it’ll be a big jump for them.

Friends, I did not mean to self promote. It is most important for all of us to influence people around, so that we can have a better tomorrow for everyone.

‚ÄúAll that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.‚ÄĚ

Therefore please just don’t read and get active online, go and start helping your people to make a difference. We can only get succeed in our mission of Peace, if common man progress. Only 10% people of Pakistan and 7% of India have access to internet. How are others gonna get our message? Your small effort can bring a big change in someone’s life. Go & start making a¬†difference¬†but share your¬†thoughts¬†with us too.

PS. Thanks for taking time to read this quite long post.