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Friends, a couple of days back I had a chat with Waqas. He wanted me to come out with some ideas as to how to start some program to get the people of both sides together.

I had in my last discussion on IPPM Facebook Page, mentioned that The army in Pakistan will never allow us to go far. I guess the hawks in India too would not want us to move forward.

So what is the way forward? How do we make a beginning. First of all , do we have a list of our members? What are the numbers?

If the number of members is not as big, then be our first task should be get more people in. We should have a sufficiently large number of people, preferably from the different areas in both the countries.

We should then prepare a proper program as to how to go ahead. My suggestion is that the core group that we form should start looking for other people in every area of each country. They should be respectable educated people who are well known and respected by most people in their own area.

These will be the people who will form small groups in their prospective areas and start educating the common folks. The group will slowly grow to larger numbers in each area and ultimately we will have the grassroots ready.

It may take few years, say 5 years but by then we will be ready. The mass movement would have been created on both the sides of the border and then neither the hawks on the Pakistani side nor those on our side will ever be able to match us.

The movement thus started will ensure that the movement started by us will never fail.

Incidentally, I got the idea of recruiting respectable people from each area by the modus operandi used by ISI in Bombay for recruiting unemployed and poor Muslim boys from the streets. They opened small clubs where boys would go and play carom for a small sum. They would observe the easily excitable boys and slowly indoctrinate them and send them for training in POK (or Azad Kashmir).

We should start preparing list of colleges, try to get in touch with lecturers who have a love for teaching. We should start preparing a list of decent people in different areas. People who have an impeccable record. My idea is that they should not belong to any political party.

I welcome people to apply their mind and try and improve on my idea. I would be most happy if I am just that catalyst. I do not wish anything more than that.
The only request is that the group thus created should be non violent, a group that has respect for individual rights. A group that is polite, and not provocative.

Please improve it by adding your thoughts on how we can bring a better tomorrow for common citizen of India & Pakistan.

Yazdy Palia is an active member of Indo-Pak Peace Media Community. He currently lives and runs his coffee farm at Shangri La. He can be reached at yazdypalia(at)gmail(dot)com.