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One of my students Fazal who is 8 years old boy came to me today.

He stopped and looked by making a pose and spoke, “Teacher!  I need your suggestion.” I said, “yes, I am here“.

Afterward he started sharing that his newly wedded brother’s wife is good in religious education and his father wishes that she should join some religious institute to teach children. But Fazal wants her to stay at home and that she should teach at home. Subsequently he looked at me and inquired what I suggest for her. I replied, leave this to your brother’s wife, and ask her what she wishes.

He stared at the floor and then started again after bit silence,“ I know the manners in which mostly boys talk”, he said.

I asked, “in which”?

He answered with disturb mind, “ They are poor, bad and shameless.

I looked at him with more inquisitiveness.

He continued, “ I know what they talk. I have listened all. They even speak badly before me. They stare, laugh and pass comments on girls. You know teacher, there is a boy in our colony, and he winks at me whenever he meets. If father allowed her (brother’s wife) to teach in any institution, I will reside with her and will not allow any male to enter in her room where she will go for teaching.”

I was shocked to hear all this from a little boy who just comes out to interact with society.

I dialoged with Fazal and asked him,

“ Look Fazal, we have both good and bad people around. It is up to us to choose well and leave bad. You should not listen to bad boys.

What if any one at your home asks you to stay at home because a boy winks at you, because world is so bad and the only way to be saved is to hide yourself. Definitely you will not feel good.  Similarly you can’t give punishment to your sis-in-law just because you love her and don’t like anyone to think about her bad. You must encourage her and ask her to live well in society. You shouldn’t not impose your willing and ask but her to spread the knowledge.”

After our discussion he said, “now I get and I shall ask her to make her own decision.”

Since evening, this discussion is wondering on my mind with many questions.

Where our society is going?  What our society is giving to little angels?  This is not the first time that my student shared this face of society with me. They shared whenever their elders abused each other with or without reasons, told lie before children, when mothers scolded children by calling names. When domestic quarrels held in front of them, or when elder siblings made vulgar jokes having little care of younger sitting next to them.

If we cant change our behaviors then we haven’t any right to tag a person bad because many evils in a person are because of society. We need to bring our minds on tracks.

We must speak by keeping in mind that we are inheriting our actions and thoughts to our youngers.

Friends, are you caring that someone is following you and learning from you? How much you are kind and inspiring to younger around you?