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UK-born language teacher Patricia Ryan, who has spent most of the past 40 years teaching English in the countries of the Arabian Gulf. She Talked about English language as a barrier at TEDXDubai.

“English is big business and languages are dying as never before. Is there a connection? Is this another manifestation of McDonaldisation – the undesirable face of globalization? Do we want to lose the variety of languages and all the rich culture that comes with them?” -Patricia Ryan

English language is becoming a status symbol in many parts of the world. Most of the people who have foreign degrees in our part of the region are using it to pressurize the other natives as a symbol of intelligence. They usually talk in native language among their family members in absence of public notice but in public they prefer to talk in English. Unable to understand this attitude:-|

Patricia said that at every 14 days a language is dying. So that’s mean, when a language dies so does the knowledge contained within it. Every language has very beautiful knowledge of ART / Music / literature and even of science in it. Which is passing on in generation by their great grandparents and grandparents from several years?

Read Rumi, Galib, Iqbal, Faiz or even Shakespeare in translated form instead of their original languages. You will find that the beauty of words end up with the language change.

One language for all glob could provide an easy way to communicate but it will definitely destroy many beautiful cultures and knowledge in it.

“When a Language dies we never know what we lose.”

I am totally agreed with Patricia when she said that a computer Scientist has nothing with English language. I have seen many skilled technicians, electricians and even people who have a good knowledge of computer softwares or programs without having English language. But we have given so much importance to English language that we are using very less of their talent.

Patricia said,”This system equates intelligence with the knowledge of English which is quite arbitrary.”

She also talked about Islamic golden age when much knowledge was translated from Arabic to different languages. Why not we think about this? We need this now more than ever as all Knowledge of science is in English language.

Language is only a medium of communication. We must not use is as an obstacle in the way of knowledge or utility of human abilities for the society.

Sub-continent is a rich culture area, same is the case with the languages here. There are more than 300 languages, spoken inPakistanandIndiatoday.

Just consider a brilliant poor student or a smart guy living in your colony he most probably haven’t access to modern knowledge because of afford ability in any English school or foreign university. And they are too often ignored by us, who call themselves literate.

If we want to utilize maximum human talent then we must not draw a line for knowledge but we must unite the diversity by co-operation for the sake of knowledge present in diversity.

Tell me what do you think about it ? Do you think diversity unite us?