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Dear Friends it has been long time to interact with you guys here. Which is quite unfair.
So to make your mood happy I am gonna share with you some beautiful pictures of small village of  Pakistan.

We are going to start a series name as “My Pictures.” Where people from India and Pakistan will share photos of their cities, Families or friends or any thing interesting happening around them.
Purpose behind this effort is to bring people of both side closer and to generate peace by showing their real life,  real face, emotions,  surroundings and people :-).

Our first fan who is  going to take the stage is Samiullah from Basirpur. He has done surprisingly great work with his 3.2 megapixel Mobile camera 😉 .

So here are some beautiful glimpses of  Basirpur .

A Little before rain 😉


its raining 🙂 ,  recall your  childhood.

Two canals meet here 😉

Beautiful Canal view.

Basirpur’s land is famous for fertility.


And meet this little owner of cute puppy.

Don’t forget to eat Jailebi cooked by Fiaz(I guess).
Yummmmiii!!! 😉

Beautiful sunset at Canal.

I am sure you have enjoyed as much as I did.  If you have pictures  of your city, family or friends or any captured  with your mobile cam or digital camera and you are interested to publish them on our blog,  Please send us at indopak.peacemedia@gmail.com.

We would love to share your art.  And Don’t forget to give your feedback below.

Cheers! 😉