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I was watching a very beautiful Indian movie swades and all of sudden i remember my discussion with Dr. Goerge Jhonson (an american researcher) during our visit to Shaukat khanum memorial Hospital. We were discussing about Pakistan and the problems country is facing.

He told that he knew many people in US, who are from South Asia, but desperately want to come back to their homelands. But they are afraid to come back because they don’t  see much opportunities to practice. But you people can manage to make this country a better place and bring them back as well.

He emphasized that if few of you will take responsibility to make your countries interesting enough and create opportunities for everyone. It is up to you guys to build a better image of your country and promote tourism,  trade, build better relations with your neighbors countries and promote peace.

If you young guys start working on this, then this land has much more potential then you might have expected.

Friends, let us start living with this aim that we’ll make this land an example by promoting love, peace and making platform to collaborate with each other.

At Indo-Pak Peace Media, you can share your stories, photos, your cultural events, celebration on both side of the border. We’re working on a new idea, which is that members of our community can share photos, videos, and text with the aim to bring people closer.

I’ve also learned that many Indians are coming back to India, we need to work to accelerate the process. This song is dedicated to those who’re coming back between their people. Enjoy!

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