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Last midnight 5800+ people at Khadda stadium Karachi attempted to make World Record for Most People Singing Pakistan’s National Anthem.

And what a level of enthusiasm they made it inspite of heavy rain and storm.

And the other collective effort can be seen on Google doodle for Pakistan. Google did this on special appeal of Pakistani nation started by Pasha.

Thanks to Pasha and Google Pakistan for the wonderful gift.

But I see, common man of sub-continent is living the same life as during the time, we were fighting against British rule.

The elites are living the same life as they used to some seven decades ago.

Differentiating people in the name of status, caste and mostly religion, is what we got. I read somewhere, Pakistan was got for the minorities of sub-continent at that time. But how the hell now other minorities are being treated in Pakistan.

Everyday millions are sleeping with empty belly in both countries.

What is happening.. An orginized community of bad people is ruling over unorganized majority. Have we really got the independence for women? Have we really got independence for  a common Pakistani / Indian, who spends his whole life struggling.

But I’m not all depressed.

I am very much hopeful from a big number of youth of our population. Our Youth is getting more sensible, educated, united and enthusiastic than any other time in history.

Change is coming and it will get more pace by the time. Youth celebrate the Independence day with full zeal. I pray we can work each day to get real independence for our people and that will happen one day, I am sure.

Let’s not lose heart, we are in big challenges and we only can get out of it. There is no enemy but we ourselves.

We just need to settle our heads, to get more education, more open to change, take a goal in life, empower, enjoy, rise and shine and to have aim to serve our nation and to generate peace among ourselves and outer-world.

We don’t have time to waste. Much hardwork needed  to get back our beloved countries.
Take a vow  today that we will work for our country with keeping these in our minds and hearts, unity,faith, discipline, hardwork and serve.

When this post will be publish there will be Independence day of our Dear friend INDIA.
I, on behalf of every Pakistani wish you,

Happy Birthday, Dear friends!

May you get all happiness, prosperity and Peace. Long live INDIA and Long Live PAKISTAN!

Let’s work together and bring Peace.
I must appreciate the role of  Indian youth playing for their country in shape of India against corruption, women empowerment and many movements against domestic violence.
And Pakistani youth for their contribution for flood victims, restoration of democracy and most important accepting the challenge to lead their country on better way.
Congratulations to all youth of India and Pakistan for taking such tremendous and courageous steps.
Keep doing , Keep moving as lot more is needed to be done.

I want to dedicate a special song to youth of both sides :-).