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It’s mid of Ramadan and I am sure our all Muslims friends are enjoying spiritual blessings of this month by helping poor and keeping fast 🙂

Meanwhile we all know that situation at both side of the border is taking some serious moves. In India, movement “India against corruption has taken revolutionary shape  and all India specially youth is very much united  with Anna Hazare. On the other hand in Pakistan, sadly, situation is getting tough in Karachi :-(.

We hope  and pray things will settle down soon.

Between, to bring some cheers on face of our lovely friends, I am gonna share amazing stuff with you which we have gotten via mail from our fan Rabia Qureshi, few days ago 🙂
As I told you earlier that we have started something new named as “My Pictures”. This is second post of that series.
Excited? Yes, i am too :-D.

Last time we visited Basirpur and,
this time we are going to explore  Thandiani ,Pakistan.

Yes! the beautiful Thandiani which literally means “Very Cold.”

It’s really cool to listen about something cold in summer season specially if you are living in plain area like me :-D.

So tight your belts we are on flight mod,
here we go…..

This the beauty of thandiani that in the warmest month of july it is so cool, yammy and splendid. .

Next picture is of main Thandiani and Rabia told us, mostly traveller and visitors stay here and at this area the mobile signals access is easy as compare to other areas.

So friends if you ever plan to visit Thandiani, remember this place 😉

And here ,

Beautiful Lake of Thandiani.
Water seems really cool and exciting 🙂

Want to dip your feet in it?
Go and visit 😉

In Thandiani there are four Mohallas named as Diyar, Tariyan, Pandiani Muri, and Reyala.

And the mullah in this picture has just a single hospital for whole Thandiani.
That’s sad some how 😦

Thandiani after rain.

After rain weather always gets foggy and cloudy.
Rabia shared with us some funny and surprising thing. 
That when people lost their sheep and goats because of fog  and unable to find them then they usually call them back by putting bread in plastic bags and then by loudly speaking “chachay, chachay, chachay” and goats really get back.

WOW…. amazing na? 😀

These mountains (in Thandiani)  are the best spot for tourists. They roam about in these mountains to catch the beauty in their cameras.

Amazingly, built houses on mountains.

Forest of  Thandiani which has lions as well, big scary lions :-O

People also come to forest to cut the woods to burn the fuel at home. Women is picture are also here to get woods.

Sad thing is that people don’t care about environment and throw garbage in forest, which is ruining its beauty 😦

This the Rehali a Mohallah in thandiani where people live on mountain which you can see the small homes on mountains.

Rabia shared some mysterious about it.

Look at the top mountain just behind the foggy clouds, It is famous that there lived a Nagha ( A person who actually got some wisdom and left the worldly busy life  and start living in top mountain to seek silence and nearness to God). At midnight people said that they can see light burning on the mountain where Nagha lived.

A path, on which students walk through to reach their school.

And in the middle of these mountain there is  Rabia’s home.

unfortunately still there are no proper roads so people have to walk all long to reach their homes but now government has promised to make a road because old people find difficulty to walk at that height.

This is it!  🙂

I want to pay special thanks to Rabia for sharing beauty of her locality. Thank you dear! 🙂

If you want to share pictures of your city, family and friends with us, Just write us at indopak.peacemedia@gmail.com.
I enjoyed Thandiani a lot, How much you did? Share with us right below in comment box.

Stay in Peace.